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This Week!!!

Alex and Ryan Lovers
Category: Auditions
These boys are into underwear and swimwear as a fetish and they are in love with each other. Alex and Ryan are boyfriends and lovers. They heat up in this video wearing cock fitting designs, getting head while wearing suits and other fun and exciting fetish fun. One has a tiny little penis so small he could be classified as a girl, the other has a very large cock for a small guy. What a mix. See them sizzle and play.


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Mikey Mike
Category: Auditions
Cut, Hung and happy Mikey Mike is back and looking better then ever. This handsome stud is completely cut and ripped. He has been one busy boy at the gym. I sure he’s getting some action there too. Mikey models some of our coolest new designs, he models his great body ad he shows off his substantial cock. This is a clip that is guaranteed to get you hard


Renan Fashion model we force to go naked
Category: Auditions

Renan was part of our last shoot where we had a number of working fashion models from the Los Angeles, the national and international scene. These are guys that do not do any thing adult. Our agreement was nothing adult. We played it that the nudity while they were changing was nothing and we kept the cameras rolling. The truth is we had some issues when our cameraman was getting cock close-ups but over all the shoot was fantastic and you get to be a peeping tom on action these models never wanted you to see!


1 St Time Jordan
Category: Auditions

Take a good look at this very handsome man. If he looks familiar then it is highly likely you watch daytime soaps. He has been on many of them but under another name. Jordan needed some cash but he was also interested in getting naked in front of the camera for the first time. This is his first time wearing spandex swimwear, sex wear and fetish wear. It is his first time showing anyone his awesome cock on camera. It is the first time his bare ass has been seen in HD or as a matter of fact in any video. Watching guys do it for the first time is always fun and exciting. This handsome young actor is going to turn you on. Let us know if you want more of him!


kelly Taylor
Category: Auditions

Kelly is the perfect guy for you boys looking for truly freaky. He is a strange cat but along with his interesting good looks and very nice slim body. He has a beautiful large cock that gets hard and stays harder then most of the guys I have ever seen. Kelly loves stroking his monster cock and would enjoy a line of men one after another to fuck and get fucked. See Kelly model hot designs and check out this freak of nature as he blows a mighty load for you.


Category: Auditions

Ari, hot little Hollywood actor with a great package. Ari is so cute you just want to take him home. Great body, great ass and a handsome little cock he lights up our model sot with his electrifying smile and Hollywood good looks. Ari does a great job showing some of Koala’s latest fashions!


Anthony, our hot French man.
Category: Auditions

Our hot French man is back and nastier then ever. He does a great job modeling Koala swim and fetish wear and He enjoys showing off his hot body and large cock. See Anthony get inverted and stroke his cock big time. He is a sexy real man and like many French guys He is straight and married but enjoys cock too. We know from experience that he does a great job sucking cock and enjoys taking it up the ass too. Being part of the crew has its benefits!


Category: Auditions

From office guy to hot model. Talk about one hot super straight looking boy next door type model. Great looking and a fantastic body. Riz has an awesome cock and large lovely balls which will get you hot. His ass is tiny and round and the bikinis, thongs and cock wear look as though they were custom made for his body! As always a Koala Men’s Club exclusive.


Flash Brown
Category: Auditions

Be prepared to be blown away. This is a true stud. A handsome tall man with a killer body, Great personality and a huge cock. See Flash trying on suits And be amazed just like we were with his colossal sized man meat. This cock could cause some real damage. Enjoy!


Toy Boy Matt
Category: Auditions

Matt just exhumes sex. Fucking huge cock on a simply amazing body he is truly a natural. A hot model who always wants just two things. To get you off and then get himself off. We all love playing with our cocks but Matt takes it to another level. He loves the toys, the cock rings the crazy sexy swimsuits and fetish designs. He loves to show off his cock, his balls and his gorgeous we want to fuck it ass. Matt is one hot young boy who will never let you down!


Willy Gets Waxed
Category: Waxing

This is one hot video, hot wax that is!
See Willy get his ass waxed with cock and pussy hanging all around him. See his very erotic pierced ball sack and see him stroke that cock and blow a load. You might even catch a glance of Willy sucking some cock!



This is one of our hottest model photo shoots ever!
Augusto and Antonio together.

Category: Auditions

Let me set this shoot up for you so you understand what was going on. These boys are both top fashion models in Los Angeles and had no idea nudity was part of our shoot. We did not tell them ahead of time. Sometimes models will not do the shoot but we are getting much better at explaining that it is for the Koala catalog. They have no idea that the video of them changing in and out of suits is going to be live on our website let alone when they get fluffed. By the way like all our footage on KMC it is exclusive only to this site. So what you are viewing these models would have never allowed if they knew what was going on, I think that makes it even hotter, like forbidden fruit! Augusto and Antonio are so unbelievably hot and sexy. Their bodies are total perfection in fact it is hard to choose which one is hotter. They are both so handsome and again have such amazing builds that it will come down to personal taste, which one you would rather do. My opinion is I would have to fuck them both!


Roger with the full natural bush
Category: Auditions

Roger is an old school full bush type of guy. Roger try’s on a bunch of Koala fetish gear while playing with his cock and showing off his real man bush. Nice ass too.


Mark Frenchy Underwater
Category: Auditions

This was one a great shoot. An underwater extravaganza with all anal suits. Plugs up the ass, hooks up the ass, crazy, wild and highly stimulating designs. Our cute French model Mark was game and loved the feel of these outstanding fetish style designs from Koala violating his ass!

Plus more than 550 Hot Models, and more and more action....

Plus more than 550 Hot Models, and more and more action....



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