April Koala Newsletter

Healthy bikini boys are happier ones!

Like most guys, at one time or another, I have experienced back pain and, as many of you know, it can come out of nowhere and it can be terribly painful. Most of my life I never knew what my buddies were talking about when they complained of having back pain until a few years ago. My back started hurting from the pounding of playing basketball and the occasional stupid mistake at the gym. Sometimes, it would bother me for days and, sometimes for weeks. At times, the pain was incredibly intense. I did some research and, as most everyone knows, our backs get worse as we age, but did it really have to be that way? Through reading and just thinking about my own back issues, I came to realize that it had everything to do with my back and its core strength or lack of it. With all the lifting I was doing, I was not doing enough to focus on my back and core.

I wanted to find a way to train those muscles correctly. My research led me to a book I call my “back bible”. The real name is Stronger Abs and Back by Dean and Greg Britterham. This book is hardcore old school stuff, nothing new or fancy. Just real exercises to build up my core. I have been using it for a couple of months now and my results are nothing short of amazing.  My core is so much stronger and not a hint of back pain at all! There are additional benefits, too, one being that the same works outs are making my ass and my abs stronger and better looking. Both of these areas are generally hard to focus on individually, but they seem to be coming along for the ride.  The down side is there is no easy way around doing the work. I have been doing four workouts a week in the late evening. Each workout runs about an hour and that is an hour that I won’t be watching TV; in my opinion a good trade off. I have been able to make it fun, too. I crank up some old school disco music and dance my way through the exercises. Another benefit is I am much more limber, too. It is not only effective, but much more fun than I ever realized a work out could be.


New Suit Designs

We are busy working on the Summer 2017 designs as you read this. One of the surprise best sellers from the last collection is the Game Changer. Penis shaped pouches have always been one of our company’s strong points. We love creating cock shaped pouches that daring men can wear to the beach. Our designs offer extreme high quality details and craftsmanship. Made in the USA, none of the import garbage comes close. We are creating an offshoot of the Game Changer designs in the same wonderful fabric with a slightly smaller thong rear and a more streamlined penis shape so smaller guys can easily fill the pouch and larger guys can make the pouch look like it is ready to explode. I’m getting hot just thinking about that!


On the other end of the spectrum, we are working on male to female transformation designs, our most popular swimwear, tights and shorts with deeper vagina slits to show off more lip while still completely erasing any sign of the wearer having a penis.  That gets me hot, too!

One more little new design teaser we are working on is in a male to female transformation design created from a sheer nude fabric. This suit should absolutely blaze the beaches this summer.


New Male Chastity Devices

Two of the best selling styles of our new male chastity cages just added to the website are a surprise #1 best seller right out of the gate named The Mushroom Head Male Chastity Cage. The #2 is the one I thought would be the best selling new design named The Little Joe micro cock cage.  The two designs could not be more different, but they are both awesome.


Anal Training Made Easy-Easy In Set

These are the perfect tools for learning how to enjoy anal sex or just getting better at it. The Easy-In Butt Plugs made of stainless steel can be ordered individually or as a set. They have a wonderful smooth shape with the easiest anal entry feature I have ever seen. Even if this is your first time, it will be fun. Make sure to use the right amount of lube (generous amounts) and take your time. This is the perfect tool to enjoy a new experience or practicing for the perfect sensation.


Early Beach Days

Even with all the rain we have had this year, I have been getting beach days every month and as I am typing this, it looks like we are going to have a hot beach day today. That means a short work day followed by some serious micro thong beach time. The biggest questions are femme or bulge and how late am I going to work tonight to catch up?


Go Small or Go Home!

Of course I have no idea what it is like to have a large cock of my own, although I’m sure it would be a lot of fun! Since I do not, I choose to celebrate the size of my small penis by wearing designs that highlight the sheer micro size of the pouch. I can’t stand the term “owning it”, but in the case of having a small cock, you should own it and share the visuals of that beautiful little tool. There is nothing like a micro suit to show off that gorgeous little pouch. Be brave and be micro proud.

The April Newsletter Sale!

Featured are great suits and some awesome chastity/anal gear.

Make sure to check out the past sale links for **insane deals!

Ass Market
Reg.$33.00  Sale $22.00

Close Shave
Reg.$29.00  Sale $21.00

Aussie Bulge
Reg.$35.00  Sale $25.00

Bulge Apex
Reg. $37.00  Sale $26.00

Bulge Erotica
Reg.$36.00  Sale $25.00

Panic Attack
Reg.$40.00  Sale $27.00

Grinder Micro
Reg.$37.00  Sale $26.00

Fuck Shorts
Reg.$38.00  Sale $27.00

Man Heaven
Reg.$38.00  Sale $27.00

Elation Bulge
Reg.$38.00  Sale $27.00

Secret Wish Ultra Fem
Reg.$30.00  Sale $21.00

Spontaneous Bikini
Reg.$33.00  Sale $22.00

Reg.$36.00  Sale $25.00

Thunder Struck
Reg.$36.00  Sale $24.00

Hungry Lover
Reg.$38.00  Sale $27.00

Glory Hole Thong
Reg.$37.00  Sale $25.00

Invisible Intrusion
Reg.$38.00  Sale $26.00

Male Chastity Gear


Tamed Male
Reg.$49.00  Sale $35.00

Cheater Cage
Reg.$49.00  Sale $29.00

Angry Cock Cage
Reg.$49.00  Sale $32.00

Dr. Assman Anal Spreader 
Reg.$59.00  Sale $42.00

Man Slut
Reg.$59.00  Sale $40.00

Matrix Silver Bullet
Reg.$49.00  Sale $29.00

Brutal Cage
Reg.$59.00  Sale $40.00

Matrix Black Mamba
Reg.$49.00  Sale $29.00

Surprise Grab Bag!!  SGB4562  $34.95

We have not offered a grab bag deal for many years, but here we go! You pick the size; we pick the suits/fetish designs. Get a bag of 3 Koala swimsuit/fetish styles for just $34.95! This is an extremely limited engagement and, depending on our availability of stock; this deal might last all month or it might just last a few days. You might want to get your order in ASAP.

Quick note to our customers in Australia, New Zealand and Canada: If you are only ordering Grab Bags and you are selecting regular shipping, your order will be shipped by Fedex Mail. This takes about two weeks to Canada and three to four weeks to Australia and New Zealand. If you have other suits or gear in your order, it will ship First Class mail


Do a little work and find the best deals Koala has ever offered!

**There are still unbelievable deals on the designs we are discontinuing. We still have some amazing styles at 50% off, but it does take a little work going through all the different items to see if we have your size or if we are already completely out of stock. If you click on a link and nothing comes up, that means it has already been pulled from our site. Yes, I do know it is a pain in the ass to search, but the gems you will find are well worth the effort.

Koala Newsletter Sale 1.

Koala Newsletter Sale 2.

Personal Note

What a crazy ride the first few months of the year have been with all the crazy stuff going on in Washington DC! Come to think of it, there seems to be an abundance of crazy things going on throughout the world. I used to watch the news every night, but I have found that watching too much news does not seem to be particularly good for my mental health. The funny thing is I have heard the same from many of my friends and acquaintances. The prescription I have laid out for myself is less news and more meditation. That and trying to channel as much positive energy into our world as possible. It would be interesting to see if more positive energy helps. Maybe you can share some of yours.

Peace and Love,

Michael David


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