August Koala Newsletter

Hot crazy days at Koala! We spent most of June and all of July reworking our warehouse here in beautiful hot Chatsworth (Part of Los Angeles) including lots of new construction to make things more efficient.

I posted this on which I hope you boys and girls are all reading but I feel I needed to add it to the newsletter:

The new designs are taking a long time to be finished. The biggest part of the problem is we keep selling out and having to fill back orders-orders of designs from our last few collections of suits. Our male to female transformation swimsuits, panties, tights, and shorts have kept the girls busier than we could ever have imagined. Itís one of those good problems/bad problems. Itís great that so many men have tried these amazing designs and you can bet that we are not complaining! The fact is that they are so popular that seven of the new designs out of a total of thirteen new styles from our up-coming collection will be feminine conversion suits. We do ship a lot of them to our transgender customers but we send even more to men who, like me, are interesting in experiencing that side of ourselves. The down side is; it is taking a long time for us to get the new collection finished and launched.  I know our ladies are doing their best to get it all done and I will keep you informed.

Summer Body Building
Iím not a young guy anymore and that drives me to work out even harder in making sure that I donít skip days at the gym. You see these guys in their twenties and thirties with stunning bodies and you want to duplicate that look. We might not be able to go back in time and become younger, but with plenty of pumping we can get are bodies to look almost as good as the young guys. Actually, some men with exceptional genes can get their bodies looking every bit as awesome as a twenty year old. Though hard to believe, this is one hundred percent true; I have a friend in his mid-seventies with a body so remarkable that most twenty something guys would kill for it; that and he looks incredible in a thong! It can be done and with hard work, we can look and feel better along with being much healthier. I say summer is a great time to start if you have not begun going to the gym yet. The gyms a little less crowded since lots of people are on vacation or just being lazy because it is too hot to go outside. Take advantage and get busy in the gym. It will pay dividends in more ways than you can imagine.

PS: Most of the gym rats you see lifting weights are more than happy to tell you about and show you the different lifts. Besides, you never know what new friends you might meet.

Can a Penis be that Tiny?
Swimwear and Panties that Make it all go Away?
Yes, it is true. Many of you already know and there are many more men ready, or almost ready, to take the femme plunge! It really is true that all of our feminine transformation designs can completely erase the visual of a man having a penis. It is tinier than tiny because your penis becomes invisible. This is a valuable option for transgender people and men who are into cross-dressing, but it is truly a spectacular feature for men who are interested in testing the waters of femininity just for the pure thrill of it. Once the penis has vanished, your brain sees you as having a vagina and that is in addition to everyone else who sees you that way. Our suits can be used as panties although they are designed for real world beach use. Your first time in public with nothing to hide will be more exciting than I can put into words.

On the other end of the spectrum is wearing swimsuits with cock rings and looking as large as possible. Cock rings seem to be the biggest secret on the beach. I have a trained eye which makes it easy to spot cock ring wearers that use them to keep their pouches large and full. We all know the size and shape of a penis is easy to see when wearing a micro spandex swimsuit. Heck, thatís half the fun! Itís almost cheating to wear a cock ring that keeps even the smallest cocks presenting an awesome bulge. My cock is small and when I want what is referred to as a real manís bulge, I grab a 1.75Ē or, if I want it to be truly impressive, a 1.5Ē ring. I like to go with the wide designs because they push everything out giving the appearance of having a lot of meat packed inside. The cock rings keep you from having shrinkage in the water and guys that are medium to large can show colossal bulges that hold their size all day long. (This is how I can tell but most people would have no idea you are packing!)  On occasion, I see guys wearing cock rings under huge loose fitting thong pouches, and it is a site to behold. All that size with nothing but a bit of spandex standing between it and freedom.

There are More Femme Designs on the Way
I canít get enough of wearing our male to female transformation styles and that seems to be the case of our customers, too, since they are by far our best-selling styles.

A pussy for every man:
Iím thinking about making that our slogan. Ok, not really, but the idea is intriguing. I love seeing feminine men. Transsexuals turn me on, and who of us has not tried crossdressing? Itís all fun and it is all part of the human experience.  Our male to female transformation suits are going even more extreme with deeper camel toe cuts showing the same lovely little vagina with a deeper slit between the lips. These new deep crevice designs should be stunning on the beach, in the bedroom and worn under your favorite form fitting tights, jeans and that cute little black dress if you so choose. Thatís the fun of it all. You can be who you want to be when you want to be. We will be introducing a number of new scrunch butt styles with variations of the Male Room swimsuits as a thong, with a full back bikini and a camel toe femme front pouch. We have some new micro short styles coming, including the most extreme gym shorts to grace a manís body in the gym. Or is that a womenís body?

Bikini Paddle Boarding
I tried paddle boarding for the first time ever in July and loved it! What a great workout and wearing a tiny little yellow micro bikini definitely made me stand out. Years ago, I loved sail boarding and I still do it when I have a chance so being on the paddle board was very much second nature for me. Cruising around the marina and even trying a little ocean fun was a blast. What an amazing workout and what a great way to get an all over tan!

OMG! A Gold Rush of Male Chastity Cages!
We will have so many new male chastity cock cages being added about the time you read this give or only take a week or so. Tiny micro cock cages created in stainless steel for complete and utter denial. We have a new, as of yet un-named, line of double cock cages. The new designs feature many different cage styles but with one common style feature: A built-in extra heavy   duty super thick cock ring. Again, stainless steel and, quite honestly, the cock ring itself was one of, if not the most amazing, cock ring I have ever used. I was hard instantly and had to have an orgasm before having the cage fitted in place. There is a second feature they all share and, again, it is something I have never seen before and I have seen lots of cocks in cages (Koala might just offer the largest selection of male chastity cages found anywhere on the planet! Iím serious!) These new double duty cock cage designs also feature a built-in ball splitter. This means that not only are the balls pushed out of the way of the caged shaft left hanging and useless; they are split so each ball is a sissy showpiece.

Weighted Pain/Pleasure and a More Ample Stretched Ball Sack
The new ďJaws of PainĒ can be used as either a ball stretcher or a cock ring. It is a terribly beautiful device with spikes that can be as pleasurable as they can be painful. Perfect for both cum control and ball stretching.

The Hot Days of August Koala Newsletter Sale
Be sure to check out our Hot Days of August fun and sexy items! Included in this sale are swimsuits, spandex gear, cock rings and chastity products. You will not want to miss this one, especially if you are on the hunt for some of the sexy specialty items.

This is one of our largest sales ever!

There are a number of styles that have never been on sale before and might not be on sale again for a very long time. There are some discontinued super deals and even a number of great deals on male chastity and anal gear designs.
Take advantage of our bi-monthly newsletter sale to restock your collection with incredible Koala fashions!

Always Up
Reg.$33.00 Sale $24.00

Bulge Erotica
Reg.$36.00  Sale $26.00

Cock Fantasy
Reg.$32.00  Sale $23.00

Deep Penetrating Shorts
Reg.$34.00  Sale $26.00

Close Shave
Reg.$29.00  Sale $21.00

Ass Market Bikini
Reg.$33.00  Sale $24.00

Aussie Bulge
Reg.$35.00  Sale $26.00

Bald Eagle Brazil
Reg.$29.00  Sale $22.00

Daddyís Boy
Reg.$34.00  Sale $24.00

Fuck Shorts
Reg.$38.00  Sale $26.00

Fire Zone
Reg.$36.00  Sale $24.00

Grinder Micro Bikini
Reg.$37.00  Sale $26.00

Make A Wish
Reg.$37.00 Sale $26.00

Elation Bulge
Reg.$38.00  Sale $27.00

Panic Attack
Reg.$40.00  Sale $26.00

Pounding Fury
Reg.$36.00  Sale $23.00

Ballistic Package
Reg.$36.00  Sale $23.00

Secret Angel
Reg.$34.00  Sale $22.00

Shocking Bright
Reg.$38.00  Sale $26.00

Cock Blaster Master Stretcher
Reg.$48.00  Sale $29.00

Cock Worship
Reg.$49.00  Sale $37.00 Includes butt plugs

Sweet Boy
Reg.$31.00  Sale $22.00

Trouble Maker
Reg.$36.00  Sale $24.00

Target Zone
Reg.$32.00  Sale $22.00

Sex Pistol
Reg.$32.00  Sale $20.00

Rainbow Slit
Reg.$36.00  Sale $24.00

Real Brazil
Reg.$37.00  Sale $25.00

Reg.$36.00  Sale $24.00

Work That Cock
Reg.$33.00  Sale $23.00

Spontaneous Bikini
Reg.$33.00  Sale $21.00

Bliss Cream Master
Reg.$38.00  Sale $25.00

Rock Star Short Shorts
Reg.$37.00  Sale $26.00

Hungry Lover
Reg.$38.00  Sale $24.00

Gold Rush
Reg.$39.00  Sale $27.00

Darling Girl
Reg.$36.00  Sale $27.00

Fem Fatale
Reg.$34.00 Sale $23.00

Options Stretcher
Reg.$46.00  Sale $27.00

Secret Temptation
Reg.$33.00  Sale $21.00

Reg.$36.00  Sale $24.00

T-Girl Sheer
Reg.$32.00  Sale $22.00

Micro Bitch
Reg.$33.00  Sale $22.00

Blow-Out Discontinued Designs

Extremely limited stock on hand-Not all sizes are available.

Sale $19.00

Beach Voyeur
Sale $19.00

Dark Side
Sale $19.00

Blue Boy Bikini
Sale $19.00

Peep Show
Sale $19.00

Sale $19.00

Party Whore
Sale $19.00

Money Shot
Sale $19.00

Mega Stretch
Sale 19.00

Man Load
Sale 19.00

Sale 19.00

Sale 19.00

Ecstasy G-string
Sale 19.00

Wet Works Thong
Sale 19.00

Wet Spot
Sale 19.00

Fearless Thong
Sale 19.00

Deviant Sheer
Sale 19.00

Split Personality
Sale 19.00

Pinnacle Bikini
Sale 19.00

G-Force bikini
Sale 19.00

Male Chastity fun!

Manless Ultra Curve
Reg.$59.00  Sale $39.00

Ass Spark Invader
Reg.$39.00 Sale $17.00  Mega Blow-out!

Ass Spark Temptation
Reg.$39.00 Sale $17.00  Mega Blow-out!

Angry Cock Cage
Reg.$49.00  Sale $24.00  Mega Blow-out!

Matrix Black Mamba
Reg.$49.00 Sale $29.00

Matrix Silver Bullet
Reg.$49.00 Sale $29.00

Manless Ultra Black Beauty
Reg.$59.00 Sale $32.00

Manless Ultra Red Devil
Reg.$59.00 Sale $32.00

Manless Untra Blue Prince
Reg.$59.00 Sale $32.00

Manless Untra Clear
Reg.$59.00 Sale $32.00

Personal Note:
There is one thing most of us can change to look better, feel better, be healthier, feel younger and make our days better. If that seems like a lot of good things to come from one change, it is, but it is the real deal. Most of us do not drink enough water and we need to drink a lot more. I carry around a 40 oz. Klean Kanteen, which I make sure to finish during the day as the absolute minimum. Too many people I know donít drink anywhere nearly enough water. It is the simplest thing you can do to receive the vast amount of benefits. Just to name a few of these benefits are enjoying better skin, looking great, as well as feeling better overall. Itís also the easiest thing to start on your path to all of these healthy changes in your body. In fact, it is so easy that you can start the minute you finish reading this. Also, please remember to do the planet a favor and get yourself a filter and a stainless steel bottle so you donít create all that waste with plastic bottles.

Peace and Love,
Michael David

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