June Koala Newsletter

Enjoying the Bulge and the Vagina Look

My personal preference has always been to make my bulge as small as possible. I have always wanted to blend in as much as possible and, although many men enjoy showing off a huge bulge, for me that is the exception rather than the rule. It is a huge turn on for me to be in public with a highly compressed bulge that is one many folks canít tell if I am male or female. Most often that is the bulge I enjoy displaying. Now that the male to female transformation designs are such a huge part of our offerings, I am able to wear and enjoy those styles, too. I love showing my cock bulge, even my tiny cock bulge with the outline of the shaft and head clearly visible as I believe many of the Koala customers do, too. However, an equal pleasure for myself and many Koala guys is being able to show-off our vaginas.

Any place else that would be a startling statement but it not only feels comfortable to talk about, I am very comfortable now wearing that in public even though I consider myself completely male. I find it so erotic and so arousing to show off my penis transformed into a vagina for everyone to see that I get as wet as I used to get as a teenager wearing thongs and bikinis. Iím not sure about you, but my guess is that many of you had the same problems (now viewed as benefits) of always getting hard.

When my cock was contained in a tiny pouch and kept from getting fully erect, the pre-cum would flow non-stop like a river. I remember running into the water all the time just so the people around me, including my friends, would not see the huge amounts of wetness flowing through the spandex. Looking back at what might have seemed like a little problem at the time is so missed today. Though I still get wet just by the feel of spandex, the days of having it run like a river I thought was over; not so! I found that wearing the transformation designs gets me wetter than I have been in years. The feel of pre-cum shooting out through my spandex vagina is a thrill beyond words.  Bulge or vagina look, why not experience both if you view yourself as male or close to male that goes for you boys with big cocks, too? 


Are you ready for summer?  

As I write this newsletter, I have been walking on the treadmill for the last two hours. There is nothing as motivating as summer and wearing a hot bikini or thong in front of your friends. I understand the pressure the girls feel and since I have always preached that men should be allowed to enjoy the pleasures of micro swimwear as women do, we should also share in the pleasure. It is the middle of May as I write this and, by the end of June, I would like something close to a six pack showing along with my ass looking like something people would love to spank!


Wearing Short Shorts as Your go to Cover-ups

If you are going to go micro, you might as well go all the way. I used to wear baggy shorts over the tiniest little micro thongs as cover-ups on my walk from the car to the beach, but those days are over. Though it is rare to wear only a thong from my car to the beach, I do it on occasion. I wish I could be as brave as all the girls doing it as if they were born in their suits, but my confidence is just not at that level. On the other hand, wearing micro shorts forces me to be sexy the entire time without being virtually naked as I am once on the beach wearing a tiny thong or g-string.


Male Chastity on a Micro Level

As most of you know, I have a thing for male chastity cock cages that force the penis to be as small as possible. There is something so sexy about a caged penis being compressed and controlled in such an extreme way. Our newest cock cage is called the Thimblelina and there are few products on this planet that will make you feel like less of a man than this cage will. I have found wearing it for almost any amount of time makes you feel cock less. We call this cage a beautiful expression of total humiliation. Made of stainless steel and one of the most secure micros around. The Thimblelina is perfect for serious practitioners of chastity, sissies and sissy training and total sexual control freaks.



Our customers at Koala span a wide range from gay, straight, transgender, cross-dressers, sissies, slaves, Doms, Subs, Spandex fetish boys, Spandex Freaks, Mistresses and Masters, jealous lovers, wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and Iím sure that I am leaving someone out. Having such a wide variety of customers means learning about new things all the time. The word and concept of a Sissygasm is something that I find quite exciting as well as new and unusual. For those like me who did not know what this meant; it is a man generally but not necessarily one that is a sissy having a hands free orgasm. Others say there can be some penis touching to facilitate the Sissygasm but no erection.  The whole concept intrigues me and, without question, I find the subject arousing, too.


Shaved Cocks

My cock has been completely shaved for many years.  In fact, some of my friends still say I look like a very young guy because of my small completely hairless little penis.  Since I know many, many Koala customers completely shave their cocks, I would like to know the funniest incident you have had at the doctorís office, with a masseuse or any other service provided that caught a unexpected glimpse of your completely smooth equipment.

A few weeks ago, I had a doctor with a colorectal specialist (turns out it was nothing at all) and as part of the exam,  I needed an anal scope procedure. The nurse had me get undressed before the doctor came in. She saw my entire body and being completely shaved was not much of a shock since we are located in Los Angeles. My guess is a huge percentage of the ladies are all clean down there and they must run into guys that are shaved up, too. I made sure there was not a lick of hair anywhere on my butt or in my hole figuring a nice clean view is the best for him, too.

The nurse and I chatted for a few minutes, mostly me being nervous since I had never had a scope exam (it was absolutely painless and fast), and she calmed me by saying as much. When the doctor he looked at me and had me bend over on the table, the exam was quick and he said everything was normal. Then he asked me why I shaved my pubic hair. I was a little embarrassed but before I could speak, the sassy little nurse said that lots of men shave. To that, he said he never noticed and that was that.  It might have been that I was so tan that my little milk white shaved area stood out like a neon sign.


New Swimwear Designs

Late as usual but worth the wait like always.  We are still plugging away at the new designs and hope to have them sometime in July. Fortunately, we have a lot of awesome designs ready to rock your beach days right now.


Want to Expand your Sexual Horizons?

We are big on anal sex. If you have never experienced it, you have no idea what fun and pleasure you are missing out on. Anal sex has nothing to do with your sexual preference. It has to do with stimulation and amazing orgasms. Many of our swimwear designs incorporate butt plugs and Ass Sparks. These designs are virtually orgasmic to wear, so intense you would be blown away if you would just try it. Like many other forms of pleasure, anal sex takes practice. If you are thinking about dipping your toes in the water, I would highly recommend our line of Easy In stainless steel butt plugs. These plugs are fantastic for learning the pleasures of anal sex. They also go in easy and stay in until removed. These are wonderful for learning anal muscle control; a major factor of enjoying anal sex.


More New Male to Female Transformation Suits are on the Way

Femme style swimsuits are some of the bestselling styles we offer and they are many of our customerís favorite style. Personally, I wanted a design with a deeper slit between the lips. Something like an extremely enhanced deep slit camel toe. Vaginas are beautiful and if I can give you a deeper, more lovely lip experience all the better. We have been working hard on a new style that will do just that. Itís deep enough to get a little bit of a finger into. If you saw this suit on a female with lips bulging; it would be awesome but a man with a penis completely changed to this erotic designs is nothing short of amazing.


June Newsletter Sale

Crazy hot prices to start off your summer with a bang! I hope you a ready for showing off your tiny little suits to friends and strangers.  We have included a few cock cages to keep you from having too much fun.


So here it is lots of new never offered before items on sale along with some Koala favorites and a smattering of discontinued designs all at great sale prices to get your summer rocking hard.

FREE SUIT OFFER: On top of all the great sale deals if you order two or more sale suits your will receive a Free Spread  and Lubed Suit a $29.00 value that will be included with your order automatically. Itís our way of both thanking you and getting you outrageously horny.

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Discontinued blowouts!!!  Limited stock

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Fully Loaded  Reg.$29.00  Sale $16.95


Secret Wish Full Back Bikini Reg.$36.00  Sale $16.95


Thunder Pouch Reg.$36.00  Sale $16.95


Total Enhancement  Reg.$32.00  Sale $16.95


Split Personality Reg.$37.00  Sale $16.95


Wet Spot Reg.$33.00  Sale $16.95


Pinnacle Bikini Reg.$34.00 Sale $16.95


Man Load LPD Reg.$30.00  Sale $16.95


G-Force Reg.$30.00  Sale $16.95


Answer Bikini Reg.$34.00  Sale $16.95


Polyamorous Reg.$32.00 Sale $16.95


Male Chastity and sex gear

Shaft Magic penis enhancer  Reg.$39.00  Sale $24.00


Man Slut cock cage Reg.$ 59.00 Sale $39.00


Matrix Silver Bullitt Reg.$49.00  Sale $29.00


Brutal Cage Reg.$59.00  Sale $41.00


Manless Ultra Reg.$59.00  Sale $38.00


Active Duty cock cage Reg.$89.00  Sale $59.00


Emotional Metal Thug Plug Reg.$79.00  Sale $49.00



Personal Note:

Being bold in life. It is not always easy to be bold, to put yourself out there and experiment with new things. It is not always easy to show your total personality to friends, family, and strangers. That is true for all of us.  I talk to customers everyday that want to try new things but also want to make sure no one knows about it. I understand where they are coming from since very few of us actually let it all hang out when it comes to our fetishes, fears, eroticism and what we are willing to show to the world versus the need to keep some secret aspects of even from the ones we love. I understand and I am not that much different from our customers. I try to put myself out there and to try expanding my boundaries of what I am comfortable with.  I do feel that life would be so much easier if I was completely open about the things I love. Maybe it would be for you, too. Just something to think on and possibly bring yourself to do something about?


Michael David

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